My Partner, Jim Harger

I want you to know more about the love of my life and dōTERRA partner, Jim Harger. He truly holds it all together for me, for us, and for our businesses!

As you’ll discover when you join our dōTERRA team, Inspiration Nation, Jim is the foundation of all that we offer—a solid, steady, patient, and kind human being who does an amazing job at organizing and coordinating the details that make our businesses run smoothly. He is smart and effective. When he commits to a project, he takes it on 100% and does what he says he will do for you. Jim has studied key thought leaders in the personal development world since he was a teenager. He follows their advice in all his actions and interactions, which is why everyone finds him such a joy to work with and be around.

Jim’s successful career began in the airline industry and moved into 25+ years in technology sales. A few years ago, Jim and I made a plan and commitment to bring him into our dōTERRA business full-time so that we could finally spend our lives together instead of on separate work paths. Since he joined me full-time in our dōTERRA businesses in 2015 our business has thrived as we reached a new leadership rank of Blue Diamond in our dōTERRA business and launched both Essential Earth Explorations and The EssentialYoga Academy.

We love spending these vibrant and exciting years together in our marriage—whether in the mountain home we love, or on the road teaching others about the possibilities that await their effort. Jim joins me to help you reach your dreams with dōTERRA!