Business Builder Training

Welcome to our team’s Inspiration Nation Business Builder Training site, created to provide you with the training you’ll want to successfully build a stable and lasting dōTERRA business on a part-time or full-time basis. The information available in this section is designed to educate and inform you about the many proven approaches used to build an income by sharing dōTERRA and educating others on natural solutions for their health and well being. We update the information often, so check in regularly here, as well as with our team’s secret Inspiration Nation Facebook page for more information.

Find the Right Resources

There are as many training resources available for dōTERRA business training as there are approaches to building a lasting dōTERRA business. The business blog accessed on is a great place for more proven ideas—all for free! When searching the web for other approaches than those found here, we just encourage you to make sure you’re following someone who has a lasting track record of team building success, and that you don’t spend money on tools you don’t need trying to discover the “secret” to business building. The basic activities to build a dōTERRA business include: provide an oils experience, invite to a class, help people choose oils, teach them to repeat these activities. When you do this consistently, with enthusiasm and a little study, you will succeed!

Explore, enjoy, and let us know how we can help you.

We Want to Help You Succeed!

Your upline team leaders are here to help you at any stage of your business growth. Most people building a dōTERRA business have other professional and personal commitments like you do. We encourage all Wellness Advocates to make time to help those in our downline who ask for training and support. You can find a list of those people in your Virtual Office under Wellness Advocate Services/Upline Listing or reach out to me and let’s get you connected with a business building mentor!

Why Build a Business with dōTERRA?

While some people start a dōTERRA business on a part-time basis, many people become accidental business builders once they realize how effective the essential oils and wellness products are for their family’s health. So what often begins as a goal to just “get my oils for free” by earning commissions and bonuses through sharing oil samples and educating others on the benefits of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and wellness products in their lives can grow into a very different reason WHY we share dōTERRA. Ask yourself these questions:

  • • Are you thrilled with dōTERRA’s products and eager to share them with others?
  • • Would you prefer to work from home and earn a part-time income or a full-time income?
  • • Can you imagine what financial freedom feels like—as in NO debt and being able to choose where & how you live?
  • • Would you be willing to work hard for 4-5 years on a part time basis to manifest your dreams?
  • • Do you want to know what others in the company who work hard to build a business are now earning?

Take a look at dōTERRA’s 2015 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on what others are earning.

Inspiration Nation Secret Facebook Page

You MUST be on our team’s “secret” Inspiration Nation page for business building inspiration, training opportunities, business ideas, and tips you will want to know. If you aren’t already on that page, ask the person who enrolled you to add you today!

Business Builder Resource Library

We’ve put together a great library of materials for you. These materials change and are updated often, so remember to check back to learn even more! Have an idea for a topic of interest? Send me an email and let’s see what we can put together!