EssentialYoga Program Tear Pad


Help your The EssentialYoga Program participants more fully understand the value of the essential oils and workshop approach by providing them one of our beautiful, 4-color handouts.

Specifically designed to accompany any month’s theme, workshop participants will enjoy following your narrative in written and visual form on the Tear Pad packaged as 50, 2-sided sheets to a pad which you tear off as handouts.

Our Tear Pad offers you an affordable, workshop teaching tool that also serves as a wonderful marketing piece for future workshops.

Consider using it to explain and provide an overview of The EssentialYoga Program approach when pursuing additional workshops! Just fold it up and mail it with your cover note or to share within the yoga community for your dōTERRA team-building efforts.

“I always teach my workshops with an EssentialYoga Program Tear Pad as I’ve found that most people learn best when visual tools are provided. Personally, I’m a kinesthetic or touch-it-to-remember learner so the action of taking notes when someone is speaking always helps me remember more of what is being said. Plus, I find that workshop participants then have something to take home to remember more about the oils and their use in life and in yoga!” -Marty Harger

Add impact to oils explanations during your workshops using our The EssentialYoga Program Tear Pad handouts


This 50-sheet, 2-sided, 4-color tear pad is the ideal handout
for every The EssentialYoga Program workshop.

$9.95 for 50 sheets

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If you would like to ship international, please contact Marty.

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$18.95 for 100 sheets

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